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New to Suffolk Times. Is this mostly east end news? Didn't see much regarding western Suffolk.

11/07/2012 7:35 AM

New to Suffolk Times.  Is this mostly east end news?  Didn't see much regarding western Suffolk.

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    Thanks for your question! Yes doubled, our coverage area is the North Fork. Our sister publications are the Shelter Island Reporter, which covers Shelter Island and the Riverhead News-Review, which covers the Riverhead area. We occasionally report on items outside of our coverage area - such as last year's Manorville wildfires.

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11/26/14 2:00pm




Hands off CPF
To the Editor:
My congratulations to and thanks to Craig Wood for taking the time to address the Town Board (“Resident: Don’t mess with CPF,” November 20) on the issue of diverting money away from the 2-percent Community Preservation Fund to help with water problems. He speaks for many of us on Shelter Island and the East End. (more…)

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11/26/14 2:00pm
BEVERLEA WALZ PHOTO A wary wild turkey making its way around the Island this week.

A wary wild turkey making its way around the Island this week.

If you’ve ever been close to a wild turkey (and what Islander hasn’t), the first impression is how magnificently ugly they are, with the heads of space aliens and those dangling red wattles.

These comedians of the avian world look clumsy, but they can fly, and when they take wing they’re as graceful as any bird, sometimes reaching speeds up to 50 miles an hour. But they’re most content being earthbound, strutting around with the could-care-less attitude of bored aristocrats. (more…)

11/26/14 12:00pm


I grew up in the South with a Methodist father and a Jewish mother. My husband, Steve, grew up Jewish in the Bronx.

Before we married, I came to Thanksgiving with Steve’s family, bearing my Kentucky Grandmother Ruby’s traditional sweet potato marshmallow side dish, generously flavored with bourbon. (more…)